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The Combination of Technology
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Making safety visible

With this product teardown video, we are proud to show you every detail in which we've made great efforts, to enhance electrical safety for you.

Safe + Intelligent = Invicible

Once you purchase our eLIFEconnection Smart Power Strip, you can have access to the Intelligent Monitor Page right away. It records the data of temperature, power, voltage and usage history for you. It also calcuates electric bill and stand-by time for you.

Safety, our primary concern.

Current leakage protection

The medical grade mechanism can be activated in 0.1 second in order to prevent toddlers from an electric shock accident.

Overload current protection

Once the event of overload current is detected, the power strip will be shut down immediately to avoid further danger.

Temperature sensing

We even record environmental temperature to keep you from potentially dangerous case caused by fire.

Anti-combustion protection

Made up of the anti-combustion material, the casing firmly encircles the delicate inner construction to prevent accidents.

Prevented from overheating

With our patent low resistance structures, we have efficiently solved the common problem of the overheating power strip.

Prevention of information leakage

Information leakage is until now the main problem of IoT. We take the issue seriously and adopt the multi-level encryption protection for those with the same concerns.

with Global Patents

De-bounce Switch

effectively reduces the power supply noises produced by the relay. The patented circuit design provides you a thorough insurance against unnecessary switching and therefore extends the life cycle of your appliances.

Images on oscilloscope

Zero Crossing Switch

Our patent technique makes the switch possible to be turned on/off always at the zero crossing point. It is crucial to your audio equipment in avoiding switching surge and protecting your appliances.

Images on oscilloscope

Durable Relay Switch

Both the relay switches above has been switched over 10000 times. As it clearly shows, the cheap one (left) is covered with charcoal surface due to sparks, which potentially causes short circuit and even fire. Ours (right) reduces the sparks and therefore remains new and safe.
relay comparison relay comparison relay comparison

Heavy Duty Design

The combination of superior materials: the flame-proof case (UL 94 V-0, 5VB; the thickness more than 0.11 inches), the tough front panel (Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 - B-HB) and the robust power cord (SJT 105°C 3x14AWG (2.08MM2) 300V VW-1).

Extremely High Conductivity

Made up of high-conductive and low-impedant copper with the cross-sectional area approx. 6.0 mm2 (7.5mm ht. x 0.8mm thk.), it creates an exceptional pathway for power to travel from the wall, bringing out excellent performance previously bottlenecked by a cheap one.

The low-impedant copper (0.8 mm thick, 20 times than the normal one) serves as the bset pathway for power.


Most proucts use mere thin copper clad on PCB as conductor (0.035 mm thick at most), which is bad at heat dissipation and prone to danger when using high-power appliances.

We look into every detail

The best quality achieved by the inductrial-grade manufacturing.

We use UL certificated terminal plugs and 8 solid tenon clamps to enhance stability and safety.


A common power strip is made up of unstable solder conductor and weak connection of the cable and device, which is easy to break and caused danger.

Bring safety with you

Always online, always safe

Connected to home Wi-Fi and you gain a 24 hours guard.

Our Obligation
to Conserve Energy

Patent energy-conserving switch

Our new designed mechanism is wisely switchable between the operating mode and the energy-conserving mode, with which the unnecessary standby consumption can be easily reduced.

Stand-by Consumption Comparison

Using smart power strip is not necessarily accompanied by the higher electric bill. Our patent design is able to reduce the consumption to 1/3 of other brands’ products, leading to the high efficiency and energy conservation.

  • Other brands'
    1.5 W
  • Ours
    0.5 W


Total Number of Outlets 5
Number of Switchable Outlets 5
Number of Programmable Outlets 5
Continuous Electrical Rating 110V/15A/1650W
Wi-Fi mode 802.11b/g
Wi-Fi RF Output Power (Average) 802.11b: 16.5 +- 1dBm
802.11g: 14 +- 1dBm
Antenna type Integrated PCB antenna
15A Over Current Protection Response Time, 5% Tolerance 600%, 1.05 sec max
>400%, 3.05 sec max
>120%, 10 sec max
Over Temperature Alert Ext. Temp >80℃ default
Surge Protection UL1449/6KV, Surge Protective Devices
Cable Length 1.8M (5.9 Ft.)
Operational Voltage AC 110V
Frequency range 50/60Hz
Max Rating load current 15 Amp
Switch type 5 ports, 15A Smart anti-Arc Hybrid Switch
Switch times limit with full load > 5,000,000 times
Switch inrush current rating 190A/110V, max with loading 6.3ohm +350uF
Operational temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Operational humidity 0% ~ 95%, Noncondensible
Power consumption 1.6W typ/3.5W Wi-Fi burst
Casing flameproof grade UL 94 V-0, 5VB
Cable flameproof grade VW-1
Power monitor (Watt) Independent power meter of each port (1.0~1650W)
Power monitor interference Power value interference 0.5% port to port
UL safety certification UL-1363 Re-locatable Power Taps
UL-244A Solid-State Controls for Appliances
UL-498A Current Taps and Adapters
UL-1449 Surge Protective Devices
Monitor OS Cross platform