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Why choose Us?

WHY CHOOSE US?Because we are Reliable and Professional.

  • UL listed
  • 22 patents throughout the USA, Europe, Japan and Taiwan

Why choose Us?

OUR MISSIONMake our customers feel secured

  • Equipped with multi-level safety machanisms
  • All potential danger considered
  • Extend life cycle of your appliances

Why choose Us?


  • Remote monitor and control your appliances everywhere, everytime
  • alarm notification and auto-shutdown
  • Flexible schedule setting for each individual outlet
  • Power meter for each outlet

Why choose Us?

WHAT'S MORE THAN SMART?24/7 Protection with cloud server behind the scenes

  • Real-time analysis of your usage data
  • Detect abnormal situation every moment
  • Identify each appliance with cloud computing

Why choose Us?

WHAT WILL OUR CUSTOMERS GET AFTER PURCHASING?device + double service for free

  • Device: Smart power strip
  • Free mobile app: remote monitor and control, scheduling, usage data
  • Free Intelligent Monitor Page(IMP): monitor page for the browser, advanced usage data chart, usage history

Upgrade your home safety with our all-in-one solution today!

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