E-chamberlain (ELC-100H cus) must be plugged directly into the wall outlets.

Please use it under the operational voltage 110V, 60Hz.

DO NOT plug into another re-locatable power strip or power surge protector.

USE ONLY indoor to reduce the risk of electric shock.

USE ONLY in dry locations.

DO NOT use with any aquarium equipment or other water-related products. (This is only applicable to the old model "100H cus" manufactured in 2016, which has been phased out at the beginning of 2017.)

DO NOT use if properly grounded outlets are not available.

DO NOT plug into the generator.

DO NOT disassemble the device.

DO NOT attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose yourself in danger by electric shock or other risks.

DO NOT allow any purposely or accidentally violent smash or dropping, which may cause electronic components and parts to become fragile which the device might be out of order or the behavior might expose yourself in danger even though the device has passed the standard Drop Test Certification.

DO NOT use it under the circumstances not designed or intended to.

DO NOT replace the power cord. If the cord is damaged, the equipment should be scrapped.

DO NOT use it near the high temperature, such as electric radiator or stove.

DO NOT use it in any AREA or COUNTRY not designated due to the different voltage. Once it’s used in another AREA or COUNTRY, the device will be locked for the sake of keeping your safety.

DO NOT allow anything to rest on the power cord.

DO NOT locate it where the cord might be stepped on.

DO NOT overload an electrical AC outlet, power strip, or convenience receptacle. The overall system load must not exceed the maximum current rating. If an appliance is plugged with this unit, make sure that the total ampere rating of the appliances plugged into it does not exceed this unit’s ampere rating. Also, make sure that the total rating of all appliances plugged into the wall outlet via this unit does not exceed the fuse rating.

DO NOT bundle the power cord to use when works to avoid heat dissipation issue.

DO NOT use it with any equipment related to life support or medical treatment. (This is only applicable to the old model "100H cus" manufactured in 2016, which has been phased out at the beginning of 2017. Now the new model "100H pr2" in the market has no such worries because the ports of the new model will remain the original settings even after recovering from power outage.)

NEVER spill liquid of any kind on the product.

NEVER push objects of any kind into this product through the slots of the sockets. Plugging in any improper or non-appliance objects may trigger the dangerous voltage points or short-out parts, and could result in a fire or electric shock.

Use only the proper type or original accessory power cord set (provided in your accessories box of the appliances) to plug in with our unit.

Always turn off the power and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet before servicing this device, such as cleaning.

Some products are equipped with a three-pin electrical plug that has a third pin for grounding. This plug only fits into a grounded electrical outlet. This is a safety feature. Make sure the AC outlet is properly grounded. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding-type plug by trying to insert it into a non-grounded outlet. If you cannot insert the plug into the outlet, contact your electrician to replace the obsolete outlet.

Unplug this product from the wall outlet when any LED warning light blinking, such as the following conditions: a. When LEDs show quickly blinking orange light.
b. When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed.
c. If liquid has been spilled into the product.
d. If the product has been exposed to rain or water.
e. If the product has been dropped or the case has been damaged.
f. If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance, indicating a need for service.

If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed, please follow the operating instructions step by step again. Improper adjustment of other controls could result in damage. Extensive work by a qualified technician might then be required to restore the product to normal condition, which means it requires a service as well.


This product comes with a one-year warranty with the exceptions to the man-made behaviors indicated in the Non-Return Policy (Please refer to it at eLIFEconnection Co.,Ltd (“ELC”)’s NON- RETURN POLICY on our website Within one year following the delivery of the product, ELC will provide replacement or repair service at a little surcharges (subject to ELC’s discretion) to the consumer who: 1) properly uses the product in accordance with the User Manual, and 2) whose product is ever damaged by lighting.

ELC provides the following warranties to the original consumer of smart surge protectors sold under the eLIFEconnection brand name. These warranties apply only to original retail purchase of ELC device smart surge protector. These warranties are valid only in the domestic USA.

These warranties are in lieu of all other express warranties; and any implied warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the 1 year duration of this warranty. These warranties are not applicable to connected life support devices, medical devices or industrial equipment. All warranties contained herein do no apply and are void if used in anyway with any of the aforementioned devices.


Except as provided in this agreement, ELC makes no and disclaims all representations and warranties, whether express, implied or statutory, with respect to the product, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement, and all warranties that may arise from course of performance or use of the product. This warranty section sets forth ELC’s sole and exclusive liability and consumer’s sole and exclusive remedies arising under this agreement.


In no event shall ELC be liable to consumer or any third party under any legal theory for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, or any damages for loss of profits, revenue, business, savings, data or use incurred by consumer or any third party, even if ELC has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, and to the fullest extent allowed under applicable law, ELC’s aggregate liability to consumer and any third party for all claims relating to this agreement, whether for breach, negligence, infringement, in tort or otherwise, shall be limited to an aggregate amount equal to the total payments made by consumer to ELC for the purchase.


The following statement that ELC will take responsibility for it: Spontaneous combustion happen while the user operating it in accordance with the User Manual from top to toe.

The following statement that ELC will not take responsibility for it:Risks caused by irresistible incidents includes: 1) it is used under the unstable wireless environment; 2) it is struck by lightning; 3) it is plugged into abnormal peripheral power supplies; 4) its installation and operational environment that are unfit for.