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Electrical protection Power-level safety setting 

Say goodbye to phone charger explosion

Phone CHARGER FIRE HAZARD have been often reported in news, burn marks remain after an explosion which there is still a certain trepidation. Phone is getting smarter, while charger is seen as vulnerable on it. Here are some background, abnormal charger will explore though its rated power is far less than 1650W, in this way, the extension cord for overload protection now is out of use. So is it impossible to have a strong and powerful safety protection mechanism on…

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Switch spark

Small switch with profound skills: there can be patent in extension cord switch?!

Power surge in typical switch can damage your appliances silently, while the advantage one could protect them from it. The different in it is the moment when you open a switch, or when it is closed: [Switch is open] Switch will “bounce” for a period of milliseconds before coming to a full rest, of which will result in spark, and it is at a risk of short circuit by carbonization that generated by spark. While using our patent switch which…

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Data analysis Energy saving

With “intelligent monitor page (IMP)” to hunt those voracious energy hogs down

Intelligent Monitor Page (IMP) which provide more appliances details on safing your household electric life.

To achieve energy conservation of which the data collection is very important. Only when you know where the most electricity drain in your home or office can you find out the ways to hunt those voracious energy hogs down. For devices that plug into our smart power strip, together with our “intelligent monitor page”, all the electricity data could be revealed, such as the real-time statistics, recent usage history, fancy graphs, etc. The usage statistics over time may help you…

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