Data analysis to help understand with your electrical appliances

There are tens of millions of manufacturers in the world, and tens of millions of electrical appliances as well. Each electrical appliance has their personality just like a human. As the saying goes: “There are no two identical leaves in the world”. For example, the mobile phone charger, why some charge fast, some charge slowly, some burning, and some even explode?

To identify the “character traits” that belong to each appliance is workable when combined with big data analysis system, which enables you to reveal the secrets of appliances for a second. our year-round intelligent system will be here for you to help scrutiny and take respond measure to, no matter when they become weird, aging, or even about to explode, you will be noticed immediately.

Become an electrical healthy detector, all on using our smart power strip, the potential malfunction and dangerous of the appliances are left nothing to hide, let’s take care of your household electricity security.

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The best power management solution for SOHO

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Tips on heat dissipation: Extension cords aren’t electric heaters

Have you ever run into the following cases, the extension cord that plugged with appliances gradually become comfortable in the winter day or even hot in the summer day after a period of time usage?Part of the thermal happened is a normal phenomenon when current is being transferred.

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Can you see the flow of electricity on the wall?

As an extension of a last “electrical safety tips” among the fourth, how do we know the wire is under an unsafe state? Is the wire always being safety covered in plastic or inside the wall? For previous columns, please visit our page.

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ELC’s electrical safety tips

(Source of information: BSMI)
1. Keep away from any inflammable materials or heat sources when use.

2. Do not use electric equipment for a long time, please turn off the power and remove the power connector from the AC if you were out🏚️ for a long time.

3. Electrical plug must be inserted firmly into the AC power, so as to avoid sparks ignition the flammable items nearby.

4. Do not place the cords or extension cords under the weight, which many lead to overload and overheat once the inside copper wires is about to break out.

5. Do not use your unit if any abnormality heat occurs or noise during working, please stop using it, and send it to professional servicing.

The second point above can be easily achieved through the intelligent extension line, as long as it connected to the Internet, no matter where you are, you can monitor the status of the socket at any time, your security is without time difference.

As for the fourth and fifth points, how can we know (broken copper inside the wire, abnormal heat or abnormal sound) -> electrical abnormalities? In fact, precise detection power strip has already been put on the market📢📢📢.