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It is often heard that many people will purchase extension cords with surge protection devices (SPD) and over current protection (OCP) to protect their important electrical appliances, computers for instance.

surge protection-lightning

surge protection-lightning

Surge protector is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment, which is abbreviated as SPD. It was usually called surge arrester or overvoltage protector, the function of the a surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold. Therefore, SPD can protect equipment or systems from shock and damage, thus its importance is obvious. Some surge protectors work like fuses, and when they absorb all the electricity they can, they die.

They may die either from a single big surge or from absorbing many small surges over a long period of time. Most likely, a dead surge protector will indicate the fact that it is no longer protecting your equipment with some type of indicator light. However, months after installing it, will you know what the light means? You may not even see it, if the surge protector is behind furniture.

Current overload protectors, often referred to as “overload”, “overload protection” or others, which against a running overcurrent that would cause overheating of the protected equipment. The common safety device, which take times to respond, the following picture “Load Current AS Percent of Circuit Breaker Rating” , for example, the power extension cord , let us set 100% = 15A, 1650W (15A*110V), when rating is over 150%, 15*150%=22.5A (2475W), it will take an hour to power off.

load current as percent of circuit breaker rating

load current as percent of circuit breaker rating

It must be a fridge-horror in the household electricity, some appliances has only few hundred or tens of watts when working, such as chargers, dehumidifiers, water dispensers, fans, in case of failure, according to the reaction characteristics of fuse, when you realize the abnormal, the appliances maybe have been got burning.

Now that almost everyone has a “smart phone” at hands, which equivalents to carrying a computer with you and it is getting more and more powerful. You can search anything by using voice command, why do we still use that security protection from several hundred years ago and exposes your precious “home” to danger?

The answer is surely yes, eLIFEconnection has a three-phase protection design earlier than general appliances.

power limit protection

power limit protection

The first phase is called power limit protection, of which the user can set a separate protection value (1W~1650W) for each appliance in the eLIFEPower App according to the power load condition of the appliance. If an abnormal power usage occurs, the system will send an alert notification to users, and then automatically cut off the power within 10 minutes. In addition, even if the network is disconnected, this protection mechanism can still operate independently. With intelligent power failure recovery, the power will recover to its previous state to protect your important appliances from stopping working.

The second phase is, eLIFEconnection system will turn off power supply and notify the user when an 18A high-power appliances using for more than 10 seconds.

The third phase is Edison’s 15A overload protection, which everyone must be familiar to with.

eLIFEconnection attaches great importance to your home’s electricity safety, we also provide the following security designs:

UL-1449 Surge Protection
V0 grade flame-proof material
Power down when outer temperature exceeds 85°C
High efficient thermal dissipation with the patent for low resistance structures

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