Switch spark

Small switch with profound skills: there can be patent in extension cord switch?!

Power surge in typical switch can damage your appliances silently, while the advantage one could protect them from it.

The different in it is the moment when you open a switch, or when it is closed:
[Switch is open]

Switch will “bounce” for a period of milliseconds before coming to a full rest, of which will result in spark, and it is at a risk of short circuit by carbonization that generated by spark. While using our patent switch which is de-bouncing, it not only extend the life of the appliance, but also can help mitigate risk with fire that caused by short circuit.

[Switch is closed]

If the switch is closed the capacitor discharges to zero, of which the surge power may produce very noticeable and undesired effects on precise instruments (audio equipment or amplifier for instance). While our patent technique makes the switch possible to be turned on/off always at the zero crossing point, it’s your silent guardian for your appliances.

We have already addressed those problem you may come across in your life.

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