Energy saving

High-capacity of washing machine means the more electricity it will consume?

Let our eLIFEconnection smart power strip to help measure your machine’s power consumption.

Brand “W” is the 6.5KG load, another brand “S” is the 11KG. They are separately plugged in to our smart power strip.

When washing cycle is finished, then checking the units consumed on our IMP (intelligent monitor page), which including power, energy, and environmental data from your intelligent power strip.

What surprise us is that brand “W” consume 126.3 Wh/load (0.1263kWh) when works 30 minus, while the brand “S”, where the capacity is twice as high as the “W” one, but only consume 59 Wh/load (0.059) when works 60minus, however, the power consumptions is only the half of the brand “W”.

eLIFEconnection unravels more  power information though it is not visible. Let our energy-conserving design help you to perform the duty of conserving the Earth.

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