Electrical protection Power-level safety setting 

Say goodbye to phone charger explosion

Phone CHARGER FIRE HAZARD have been often reported in news, burn marks remain after an explosion which there is still a certain trepidation. Phone is getting smarter, while charger is seen as vulnerable on it. Here are some background, abnormal charger will explore though its rated power is far less than 1650W, in this way, the extension cord for overload protection now is out of use.

So is it impossible to have a strong and powerful safety protection mechanism on the power side?The answer is “YES”, our 5-port individual smart power strip can have an exclusive protection for each socket. A 10W phone charger for instant, you can set 12W for it through our elife power App, in that case, your charger own a continuous protection even the protection from phone charger is invalid, it still obtain protection from our smart power strip.

For devices that plug into our smart power strip, together with our “intelligent monitor page”, according to the statistics shown on it, you can set a special power limit to different appliances!  Let smart power strip just right in its role that bring you the real safety and ease of life.

eLIFEconnection have your safety at the forefront.

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