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Tips on heat dissipation: Extension cords aren’t electric heaters

Have you ever run into the following cases, the extension cord that plugged with appliances gradually become comfortable in the winter day or even hot in the summer day after a period of time usage?Part of the thermal happened is a normal phenomenon when current is being transferred.

However, if an extension cord is used for a long time without good heat dissipation, as the temperature accumulates, which may lead to embrittlement or crack of the outside case, and even ignite.

Therefore, it is particularly important to deal with the problem of cooling in the design of the extension cord.

For this, we use a solid low-impedance copper, which not only have a high efficiency thermal dissipation, but also more stable in power supply.

Here is a small try to test what does thermal dissipation like in your power strip? Put your hand on the metal of the hair dryer plug after you uses it. If you are feeling hot (about 60 degrees Celsius above), which means that the thermal dissipation function on your extension cord is not very good under the maximum loading current, you’d have it replaced.

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