Electrical safety Smart monitor & control

The best power management solution for SOHO

In a small home office environment, from the server, NT workstations to personal computers, routers … and so are indispensable electrical equipment Our intelligent extension line can provide SOHO family a set of key power management system.

• Basic power monitoring: Five independent remote switchable sockets for easy monitoring via mobile application

• Convenient timing function: Five independent timer sockets to give you the most flexible scene settings

• Instant power status display: instant Temperature, instant Power with instant voltage for you to monitor the optimum power environment

• Advanced data analysis: All electricity data is saved for easy viewing of unusual data or electricity

• Active electrical protection: at any time for you to monitor the server and peripherals, whether it is aging, electrical abnormalities, all can be issued a warning early to protect your precious electrical

• Power monitoring: In addition to monitoring the status of the appliance, it is better for you to assess the status of the overall power supply environment

• Alert: Any abnormal status can be received a notification immediately

• User customization range: For professional users, you can set the power boundary value for each appliance yourself, add a safety line

As long as our smart power strip is with you, together with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), you can enjoy a small but complete power and electrical protection for your SOHO station.

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