Energy saving

New gadget can kill the power vampires in your home

Do you know how much power consumption does your washing machine expense when each time wash your clothes?

As long as the washing machine connects to our eLIFEconnection smart power strip, no matter the washing cycle is in a normal, permanent press, or delicate etc., the watt, power consumption, even the laundry time , which can be tracked by our smart power strip and user can look through the data info in our IMP(intelligent monitor page).

As the figure shown on the picture, an actual two-weeks washing behaviors are recorded no matter which washing cycle you are using and among of them, you should be suggested which is the most suitable and economical one.

Even if the washing machine is about to break out which will spend more power consumption, user will be immediately notice to have it repaired, so as to save more money from unnecessary charge-back billing.

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