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Best way you never know of choosing a smart power strip in 2018


For modern people, electricity has almost become as common as breathing air, but many people think that circuit knowledge is too esoteric and there is no need to understand too much. In fact, as long as you spend a little time understanding the general household electricity knowledge, you can safeguard the safety of daily life and take preventive measures. We are in this attitude and sentiment, and we will send you related knowledge about electricity use. In 2016, home structure…

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Electrical protection Power-level safety setting 

Say goodbye to phone charger explosion

Phone CHARGER FIRE HAZARD have been often reported in news, burn marks remain after an explosion which there is still a certain trepidation. Phone is getting smarter, while charger is seen as vulnerable on it. Here are some background, abnormal charger will explore though its rated power is far less than 1650W, in this way, the extension cord for overload protection now is out of use. So is it impossible to have a strong and powerful safety protection mechanism on…

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Energy saving

High-capacity of washing machine means the more electricity it will consume?

Let our eLIFEconnection smart power strip to help measure your machine’s power consumption. Brand “W” is the 6.5KG load, another brand “S” is the 11KG. They are separately plugged in to our smart power strip. When washing cycle is finished, then checking the units consumed on our IMP (intelligent monitor page), which including power, energy, and environmental data from your intelligent power strip. What surprise us is that brand “W” consume 126.3 Wh/load (0.1263kWh) when works 30 minus, while the…

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Electrical safety

ELC’s electrical safety tips

(Source of information: BSMI) 1. Keep away from any inflammable materials or heat sources when use. 2. Do not use electric equipment for a long time, please turn off the power and remove the power connector from the AC if you were out for a long time. 3. Electrical plug must be inserted firmly into the AC power, so as to avoid sparks ignition the flammable items nearby. 4. Do not place the cords or extension cords under the weight, which…

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