Data analysis

Data analysis to help understand with your electrical appliances

There are tens of millions of manufacturers in the world, and tens of millions of electrical appliances as well. Each electrical appliance has their personality just like a human. As the saying goes: “There are no two identical leaves in the world”. For example, the mobile phone charger, why some charge fast, some charge slowly, some burning, and some even explode?

To identify the “character traits” that belong to each appliance is workable when combined with big data analysis system, which enables you to reveal the secrets of appliances for a second. our year-round intelligent system will be here for you to help scrutiny and take respond measure to, no matter when they become weird, aging, or even about to explode, you will be noticed immediately.

Become an electrical healthy detector, all on using our smart power strip, the potential malfunction and dangerous of the appliances are left nothing to hide, let’s take care of your household electricity security.

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